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About Image Gently

The Image Gently Alliance is a coalition of health care organizations dedicated to providing safe, high quality pediatric imaging worldwide. The primary objective of the Alliance is to raise awareness in the imaging community of the need to adjust radiation dose when imaging children.

“I really admire the Image Gently program and what you are trying to do for parents and children…It took me by complete shock when I found out that a barium enema even used radiation…This goes to show exactly how BIG the gap is between healthcare and parents with radiation.” TB 12.15.18

About Image Gently

Improve safe and effective imaging care ofchildren worldwide.


The mission of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging (the Image Gently Alliance) is, through advocacy, to improve safe and effective imaging care of children worldwide.

Brochures on X-Ray, CT, and Nuclear Medicine in Children from the World Health Organization
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General FAQs for Imaging Children
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What Others Are Saying

  • I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation …. The information you have provided has relieved my anxiety and I am truly grateful.

    Sincerely, Amy


  • This experience with Image Gently has raised our awareness and clarified radiation amidst much online confusion.


    Concerned parent

  • Image Gently has been a valuable resource for parents and other caregivers as well as for health care providers, providing a wealth of accurate and balanced information on the use of x-rays in children for medical imaging. Today, the success of Image Gently is globally recognized as it became a benchmark for paediatric medical imaging worldwide.

    Maria Rosario Perez MD

    Radiation Program, World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Although [there are] a seemingly exhaustive supply of internet resources, a rare few are meaningful. I am very thankful for both [Image Gently and the World Health Organization for Communication Risks in Imaging] websites as they are stand-alones for being user-friendly and deployable…thus, I share them with my students!

    Diane Armao