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Informed Imaging Improves Safety for Children

from Clinical Practice Today from Duke Health January 30, 2018 | By Lori Malone FIGURES 1 and 2: (1) A neonatal phantom is used to test the imaging equipment in Duke’s pediatric catheterization laboratory. (2) A chest X-ray from the phantom looks just like an X-ray from a baby because the phantom tissues are specially […]

Pediatric Elbow Fractures

Broken elbows are common injuries in children. Many activities kids participate in making their elbows vulnerable to injury. Furthermore, there are several growth plates (areas of bone that are actively growing) around the elbow joint. These growth plates are susceptible to injury. Children who have elbow injuries should be evaluated by a physician for a […]

Babies’ preference for faces begins before birth

The visual development of babies in the womb has been explored for the first time ever, revealing a clear preference for face–like shapes. Researchers have found that fetuses at 34 weeks are like newborn babies in preferring face–like stimuli. The team used a light source to project a pattern of three dots in the shape […]

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