What is the Image Gently Alliance?

August 22, 2017

Statement from the Image Gently Alliance on the Potential Risk to Children Associated with Ionizing Radiation from Medical Imaging


There is ongoing dialogue in the medical and scientific communities about the level of health risk to children – if any – from exposure to low-level radiation in diagnostic imaging. This discussion includes any increased lifetime risk of developing cancer.

There is little to no disagreement that unnecessary radiation exposure should be avoided. This can be achieved through informed use of imaging examinations or procedures that use ionizing radiation (CT, nuclear medicine, etc.).

To this end, the Image Gently Alliance (www.imagegently.org, www.imagegentlyparents.org, www.imagegentlyproviders.org) has consistently promoted accountability and best practices to:

  • use imaging when clinically appropriate,
  • use the appropriate imaging modality, and
  • child-size the examination.

This translates to the Right Exam, at the Right Time, done the Right Way.


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